Ken’s Radio Interview Leaves Chattin’ In Manhattan Co-host Speechless

In January, Ken appeared on the Chattin in Manhattan radio show and his interview was so powerful that it left the show’s co-host speechless!

Led by co-hosts Kim Ward and Garth Sandiford, the 20-minute interview began with Ken sharing how we got married so suddenly and how studying great peacemakers actually saved our marriage. From there, the conversation flowed from which peacemakers are our personal favorites, to what we have discovered to be the one main thing all of the peacemakers have in common, to the intention behind our new personal growth workshop, 10 Live-changing Insights of Great Peacemakers.

After discussing the idea of a personal mission statement, Garth exclaimed to Ken, “Where were you ten years ago when I was soul-searching and trying to figure out what my purpose in life was? It took me a long time and cost me a lot of money!”

Later in Ken’s radio interview, after an especially revealing segment about the importance of trying to understand other people’s perspectives, Garth was so impressed that he was speechless. Kim declared that in all the years she had worked with Garth, that this was a first.

By the interview’s close, Kim was moved to have her 10 and 11-year old children read Great Peacemakers. Later, she concluded, “Ken is like a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning; his amazing energy and kindness will change the way you live your life.”

Heard in 31 countries, Chattin in Manhattan features “great stories worth telling” and aims to “inspire others one journey at a time.” Previous guests on the show have included the likes of bestselling author Don Jose Ruiz, former Prime Minister of Barbados Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, author and Oprah Winfrey Ambassador of Hope Marala Scott, among other thought leaders.

Ken’s full interview can be heard on-demand here.


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